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The only regret is risks never taken

...Memento audere semper

...After all, vivamus moriendum est. In short, life is short. What would it be like to get to the end and look back with a heartful of nagging regrets? There seems to be no worse punishment.



I always felt like I was walking on thin ice until I learned how to skate.

Then I flew..


I don't need refined  C6H12O6 when my life is already sweet

I'm not just talking about dextrose, sucrose, maltose, HFCS, or whatever else is hiding in your morning cereal or packaged meals or ketchup (yes, that too!). Refined sugar also comes in the form of binge-watching Netflix, staying up until 4am, procrastinating on that project from three weeks ago still...anything that wreaks havoc on our system, yet we still feel we cannot function properly without, in my opinion. (And I am guilty of all the above besides the first, so I'm not calling anyone out!) But when we tell ourselves we can't do anything about these bad habits, we're giving up control. These aren't passive decisions; they're active decisions.

It just starts with a simple rephrasement: "I choose to wake up at 6:30am" instead of "I can't fall asleep until 4am so I can't get up." At least not before 11:30am... 

I am an actress after all...so here you go: you need to act after the lights are set and the cameras roll. This is the action plan. In other words, there's not much to great words when there's no action to back them up. And if you don't know anything about acting, here is the most important thing to know: acting is doing.

So you're stuck in gooey mud and you probably don't want to stay there. So you need to do something. You won't magically fly out of there, unless you're in a dream.

And here is what I do. I first of all rephrase. Just like telling myself "I choose to get up at 6:30am" instead of "I can't fall asleep until 4am so I can't get up."

Try this: instead of "I have to do my homework," say:

"I get to do my homework." 

Why? Because a simple shift in mindset influences how you go about the task. And really, homework isn't all that bad after all when you consider what a blessing it is to have homework to do - to be able to learn a new concept or skill - and to be able to be rewarded for this investment later on.

Here's what I told myself about the dishes:

"I get to do the dishes because it's a blessing to have dishes to wash. Some people don't even have any dishes to wash."

And I really meant it - I actually don't have any to wash right now, since I'm sitting in a 120-sq ft. dorm!

I can't guarantee this will make you look forward to doing the dishes or your calculus homework, but it's a surefire better alternative to dreading whatever the task! 


This is self-plagiarism here, yes, from my college essay. But the point still works.

Here's what I have to say about shoes. Yes, shoes. They're so important I dedicated my entire college essay to them. Yes, I wrote about shoes. Because if people can write about a random block of cheese, I can write about shoes. My shoes.          >>

film production

Too many halves to add up to one

on thin ice

"The half of me that you don't know so well."

"How many halves do you have that I don't know?"

"Too many to add up to one."

- Mirage (2020) by Mikka de Loia

While I do tend to wear multiple hats at once and switch on and off between various characters ever-so-frequently, I don't think that's quite why I bounce back and forth between seemingly inconsistent (and incompatible) personalities. 

     Perhaps it's the dozens of clubs I sign myself up for, the stashpiles of fashion designs I hide in shoe boxes in my closet, the endless heaps of courses I voluntarily sit through, the random assortment of languages I try to stuff into my head.

     As if that won't suffice, there's the incompatibility of subjects I'll study and read - from neuroscientific perspectives on imagination to philosophical discourses on Nietzsche's metaphilosophy to the history of the Pax Romana to...accounting.

     Yes, I said accounting

     If only I understood more of computers beyond GIGO - a term I hear often from my mom - then I'd really win most subjectually-incompatible ever.

I felt like I was always walking on thin ice until I learned how to skate


In figure skates, I’m a dream-chaser. At five, I tasted pixie dust. Unable to practice daily, clumsiness glued itself to my blades. Adieu, gold medal. Farewell, skates. My feet protested, so I retried. I saw two older beginners – beaming pridefully. Older skaters became my inspiration, breaking my belief real skaters are young medalists, proving passion doesn’t mean perfection. It wasn’t about medals or outcompeting girls who practiced daily. Impracticality was the mistake withholding my gold – passion. I competed with me from yesterday, catching gold.

...then, I was no longer walking. I was flying


On Two Wheels

SEPT 27 | 2020

Navigating LA traffic and the beautiful yet deserted school campus amidst an unusual time in history with rainbow lights.

*Disclaimer: Not in any way representative of my cinematography and filmmaking skills. Yes, I filmed this while biking on one hand in the dark.

Featuring: my beloved mountain bike


милости просим! Comme ça va? Mi chiamo Mikka, minulla on paljon ideoita, si îmi place limbi. 你呢?

French flag
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Random vocabulary and verb conjugations are two things that stick in my head the way catchy lyrics get stuck in most people's heads. That is probably why I decided on (or rather, gave up resisting) falling in love with languages. Now, I'm nowhere near fluent in all of the above, but I do commit to my half an hour a day to strive for continual improvement (and hopefully, fluency some day along the way). 

I share some of my writings to highlight my journey through languages.


Me in My Own Habitat:

a compilation of the randomest jumble ever


Proceed with curiosity.