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If you'd still like to stay in touch (given that this maze of a website has not driven you completely out of your mind*), feel free to share your thoughts below! I'll read it even if it doesn't end with a question mark or five exclamation points, I promise!

*Or we can just both stay outside the box, since it probably takes more effort to be on the outside than the inside. Who wants to be squashed around on the congested inside, anyway?


NEWSLETTERS: Don't fancy sending these, for (1) I don't have the time to and (2) we all know they aren't personally meaningful anyway. If you'd like to stay updated on my adventures, that's why I (finally!) got an Instagram.


Thank you for sharing your thoughts! Have a lovely day.

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For all business-related inquiries, please use a separate form on the following page:

Note: Please do not (attempt to) call me via phone. The chances of me picking up are probably as good as it snowing here in sunny LA.