on thin ice...

literally : how finding my passion for fitness & nutrition saved my life. 




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I don't need refined C6H12O6 because my life is already sweet.

Je n'ai pas besoin de sucre raffiné car ma vie est déjà sucrée.

This favourite quote of mine is more than applicable here. Generally the interpretation is denoted by the figurative sense, but here is why perhaps the literal is just as apt.

            As in, I literally live 100% refined-sugar-free. 

(This refined-sugarless lifestyle implies no negative carrying value, I promise. I sure hope all that I share in my story can attest to this!)

Trophies don't tell the entire story.

Gold medals aren't the only measuring stick for success.

I'm not here to convince you that I'm a world champion.

Instead, I'm going to tell you something else. A different story.

Not the typical story of the girl who puts on skates for the first time and falls flat on her face, gets bruises and bloody noses, and somehow magically winds up standing on the Olympic podium with roses and international accolades.

Yes, I fell. A lot. I got bruises and bloody noses and even almost had my hand sliced open by someone else's blades. Lots of them.

But here's a different ending than your traditional happily-ever-after fairytale.

Here's a girl who did not spend her entire childhood chasing after gold medals. Not to discredit anyone who did (and who got them in the end). It's just that that's not my story.

Instead of gold medals, I found something else.

I finally met my match.

I am my own biggest competitor.

Who is yours?

Many obstacles stood in my way along my journey. I'm neither blaming anyone - nor my set of circumstances - for hindering me from chasing after the gold medal dream. 

Truth be told, we're not all cut out to be world champions. There is only one by definition after all.

But that does not mean you cannot be successful in your own right. Or talented. Or, above all, happy and fulfilled.


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