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Me in My Own Eyes (2021)

feature | musical / comedy

Logline: A friendless musical prodigy seeks social success through securing a spot on a world-class music stage, but when her pursuit of popularity jeopardises this dream, she must unite a divided school using the universal language of music to save her reputation.

In pre-production; funding proposal and budget approved. Joint collaboration with OCU Films &  MSMF in order to promote positivity, acceptance and diversity.

This film is a passion project dedicated to raising positive mental health awareness and fighting stigma while celebrating the empowering magic of music - the universal language that can unite even the most diverse groups.

Surely is we are all truly human, we must share more beyond bleeding red and breathing O2.

Los Angeles, CA | 2019-present


Once upon a time, there was this cliqueless oddball who was fated to be cliqueless...maybe that's because she got rid of cliques once and for all!

- LILIYA, Me in My Own Eyes



Strong background in performing arts and music. Trained dancer (ballet & tap), pianist, singer (soprano); skilled composer (orchestral & vocal arrangements). Multilingual (fluent in English & Mandarin) and proficient in French.

Diverse set and stage experience (short films, music videos, commercials, plays/musical theatre, choir) with a background in writing (screenplays & songs) as well.

Audacious yet authentic aspiring actress seeking to beautify the world and inspire others through the miraculous art of performance and the empowering magic of music. 





Joe Olivieri                    

April Shawhan

Cynthia Alvarez   

David Gorshein 


Tracy Shearer              

Tracy Shearer           

Joanna Summerhays    

Film / On-Camera

Scene Study / Improv

Scene Study / Improv


Musical Theatre


Ballet / Tap

UCLA School of Theater, Film & Television




Hawkins School of Performing Arts





Soprano, C4-A5; Pianist, Flute, Classical, (Sightreader); English (Fluent), French, Italian (Conversational), Mandarin speaker; Trained Pilot, DANCE: Ballet, Tap; Figure Skater, Swimming (All Strokes), Distance Running; sewing, machine, stitching; Illustrating; Licensed Driver, U.S. Passport

Height: 5'5"

Weight: 135 lbs

Hair: Brown

Eyes: Brown

Voice: Soprano

Acting Advice

Getting rid of the butterflies in your stomach >

just fidget



a story to tell


Just fidget.

This is my own personal acting doctrine.

     Probably the most counterintuitive thing you'll ever hear. Fidgeting on stage? Playing with your hair while saying your lines? Biting your lip and chewing your nails when the camera is two inches from your face?

     Yes, precisely.

     Real people fidget, twirl a lock of hair around their fingers, bite their nails, and pick their noses. So real characters should, too. Unless your role is Marie Antoinette, there's no reason for you to portray your character as perfect and flawless. And even surely the queen of Louis XVI had her not-so-flawless moments. After all, humans aren't perfect.