Stay on the Bright Side

Create your own rainbow when the one outside is inaccessible

MARCH 2020 | Los Angeles



2020 is a year that we will hardly forget; March especially. The economy will forgive 2020 sooner or, I might need some extra time.

Because you not only stole my friends, my two school jobs, my beloved film project, the gym, the bike shop, and basically the best year of my life, plus a good chunk of my life in general, you also stole my circadian rhythm, sense of time, and every motivation to get up in the morning. You somehow turned every day into Sunday and inverted my 4:30am schedule to nearly going to bed at that time.

I have a lot of grudges against you, 2020.

But I don't like to hold grudges. It kills my creativity even more than you just did, 2020.

What we all needed was a bit of extra sunshine. Some colour. Some sparkle. Some rainbows.

This is a real creativity test.

That was when I realised that my mom was right again - that this strange situation was a real creativity test. Dorm living already forced me to think even more out the box. How to make coffee when you're out of wall plugs and desk space. How to cook with a microfridge, a steamer, a plate, and some utensils. This was just an extension: How to set up your own dorm-gym with gallon-water bottles, resistance bands, and a backpackful of accounting textbooks, a laptop (not a good idea!), and binders.

A very few number of things could have beat being locked up in a tiny piece of land bombarded by excess bunk beds and tables in awfulness. So what do you do when one of your worst nightmares happens?

So I started saying to people, when you're locked up like I am and denied the right to chase rainbows,

create your own -- wherever you are.


My response initially was to roll around on the vast 120-sq ft. stretch of carpet like a four-year-old; I won't deny it. Then I realised, what better time to mobilise my pent-up creativity?


quarantine creativity : part II

2nd edition, 2021