creative carrefour


The strangest places to encounter creativity :

I’ve practically turned in every sort of unconventional “assignment” possible – from a full feature screenplay to a Greek epic poem to an original vocal arrangement with accompaniment to R markdown files embedded with very, very colourful graphs with some fancy fonts. (The full 100+ page feature screenplay was undoubtedly overkill, but I think my AP Lit teacher actually read it…) Personally, I’d be bored to tears from reading lengthy reports and papers and whatnot, so hopefully some of these works were amusing enough to provide some comical (and emotional) relief…


Philosophising in the randomest jumble of jargon

Here is my take on life, posed in terms of from economics to stock markets to legal principles... i.e., not your classical floating-on-the-clouds philosophy of life. (Although I have no shortage of that, either.)


Tiramisu bars…that was my big “invention” in the kitchen. Think lemon bars, but filled with the flavours of tiramisu au lieu de citrus…

            You can also count on things like cauliflower pizza, bizarrely-tinged coffee cakes, green tea or cappuccino cookies, red velvet milkshakes, and virtually every dessert with coffee somehow swapped in for the original flavour (e.g., vanilla). At one point, I was entertaining the idea of opening a café dedicated to coffee-flavoured pastries and desserts… (No, I am still not a caffeine addict!)


2nd edition, 2021

1st edition, 2020 :