8 things

Here is a set of the strangest things you'll ever encounter...all packaged up in the form of one little girl with big dreams.

1: I do everything backwards (unintentionally).

This itself could warrant its own list. Flying a plane before driving a car, getting an internship before joining recruiting organisations, creating a LinkedIn before an Instagram, trying to create my own recipe before learning how to follow one properly, etc.* ... Basically, a prime example of a life out-of-order. And really, I swear I don't plan any of it!

*The more controversial items, I will leave out from here.

2: I work on all-or-nothing...i.e., I operate optimally on system-overload.

3: I'm an ambidextrous lefty.

If you're curious about how this came to be, see my little Int'l Lefty Day post. A tribute to all the amazing lefties out there in this right-handed world - you are all so spectacular! 

If you give me 5 things to do, I'll get it done no problem. If give me one thing to do, I won't do it. Period.

It's either quintuple-tasking or...nothing. And for a full day, I'll need about 25 different things to do, please. Life of a child who can't sit still for more than 20 minutes at a time...

4: I was borderline-antisocial before I came to LA.

Happy Int'l Lefty Day


5: I sleep-compose... and write stuff I can't play...

i.e. I genuinely enjoy giving myself a hard time.

No joke. No one believes me when I tell them this anymore (see point #8). But if you met me a few years back you never would've pieced that together with who I am now. And to think I came to LA because of film!

So embarrassing truth...but I likely can't play any of those compositions you heard on the music page. Very probable and likely. Because the mental orchestra doesn't keep in mind my (very) limited playing skills. So you get to enjoy my computer performing...sorry.

6: I wouldn't be here telling you this random jumble of nonsense if I hadn't somehow offset a 122,500 calorie deficit within a year.

Because I essentially would've unintentionally starved myself to death. I stress unintentionally, because I was so stressed. About college applications and finals and my 10 million extracurriculars and life. Literally. You can go calculate how many pounds that equates to.

7: Philosophising is my homeostasis.

Everything else is merely a distraction from this major distraction. In other words, this is my default mode. If I can't keep my brain running on system overload, I wind up in this state of blissful (not) mental agony on rewind. I think too much. So much that I need even more distractions to contain all this arbitrary theorising and philosophising. Yes, as if I don't have enough distractions already.

Hopefully my resume can attest to this...


8: Apparently I can talk for 10 hours straight*. I wonder why I never considered having my own talk show?

I'll just leave it at that. Probably don't need to explain any more how talkative I am (or can be)...

*Just because I can, this does not in the least imply that I will. Especially given that (1) I cannot sit still for more than 20 min at a time and (2) I tend to run out of time to eat lunch or respond to people in general. It takes a very, very interesting person.